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How to fix split ac leaking water? Ac Water Leakage Repair Service near me

One of the most common reasons for a How to fix split air conditioner leaking water is a blocked drainage line. This drain pipe allows the condensation from the AC unit to drop down and away from the unit. If this drain pipe gets clogged, water will seep from the bottom of the AC unit.

Is the water leaking from your indoor split AC wall unit? The air conditioner drainage line may get clogged with dirt or dust. The drain tube is most likely clogged if your air conditioner has recently started leaking water. The best solution is to clean the air conditioner and the whole drainage system.

How To Fix Split AC Water Leak – STEP BY STEP

You’ll need the following tools to fix a water leak in an air conditioner:

  • screwdriver (screwdriver) (to remove panel)
  • Bucket without anything in it (to collect water)
  • Using a Shop-Vac wand, vacuum (to remove extra water and debris)

How To Fix Your Leaking AC – Step By Step:

  • Turn off the electricity to the air conditioner.
  • Remove the air conditioner from the power supply.
  • Open the main front panel first.
  • Remove the air filters if possible (clean the air filters at this time)
  • Remove the screws from the front panel (usually 3 or 4 screws)
  • Take off the bulky plastic cover (see videos below for details)
  • Depress the plastic clamps at the bottom to get access to the drain pipe.
  • At the bottom of the unit, you can see the drainage pipe.
  • Fill a bucket with water.
  • Remove any fittings or tape from the drain pipe to disconnect it from the unit

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